When looking for cellulite treatment, many people assume that the problem is simply a product of fat build up or weight gain. In actual fact these are just two of the many reasons that can cause cellulite to appear, another contributing factor being your hormone levels.

The hormones flowing through our veins play an enormous role in your health and appearance. Their levels change with age, exposure to the environment, stress and medical conditions. To function well, a person must maintain optimal levels and a good balance.

Oestrogen is a group of steroid hormones that promote the development and maintenance of female characteristics of the body. After puberty, oestrogen circulating in your body can trigger the build-up of fatty tissue. This fatty tissue then pushes your skin forward, while the collagen fibres beneath your skin contract and pull back. This creates the dimples known as cellulite.

Cellulite is linked to hormonal transitions in women’s lives, as oestrogen levels fluctuate. Perimenopause, menopause and hormonal imbalances are all responsible for contributing towards the decreased production of collagen.

When the collagen levels in your body aren’t optimum, this leads to weaker connective tissue and thinner skin – a prime environment for cellulite to show up. As a form of cellulite treatment, and maintenance of your general wellbeing, you should attempt to keep your hormones balanced.

If you have a hormone imbalance or are going through a hormonal transition in your life, its recommended that you see a trained medical professional such as your GP.

Here are a few good practice tips on how to keep your hormones balanced;


Taking vitamins D, B and Fish oil, in addition to your regular recommended multivitamin can help balance your sex hormones, while also helping to maintain general health and wellness.

Reduce Stress

Chronic and ongoing stress can exacerbate or trigger hormone imbalances. (this is why women who are having issues with stress and anxiety can often find themselves having irregular or no periods).

Get the Recommended Amount of Sleep

Insufficient sleep can mess with your body in many ways. It can adversely impact menopause, PMS and other conditions.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can cause a drastic rise in oestrogen and a decrease in progesterone in premenopausal women.

Here at BTL Unison, we understand that managing hormones is only one part of cellulite treatment, and normally will only work for minimally visible cellulite. For more severe cellulite, that won’t disappear no matter what you do, we have the solution for you! We provide a non-invasive cellulite treatment that involves the proven techniques of radio frequency and pain free shockwave massage. So you don’t have to worry about your oestrogen levels interfering with your body confidence. To book an appointment with one of our doctors click here.

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