The Solution: Cellulite Reduction Treatment

If you’ve got this far you should now understand the physical changes to the structures in our dermal layers that cause cellulite. Soon you’ll be able make an informed decision on how the rectify these structural issues in your skin.

A word of caution though: there are many myths on the internet surrounding cosmetic procedures for cellulite, so don’t be duped into buying the latest magical snake oil cure or miraculous cellulite cream from Dr Strange…


A refresher on what causes cellulite:

  • Fat deposits in the dermal layer protruding upwards
  • Poor skin condition due to decreasing collagen and elastin
  • Poor lymphatic drainage
  • Poor blood flow in the affected area
  • Rigid, twisted and fibrous connective strands (the dimple)
  • Enlarged fat chambers in hypodermis create pressure outwards between interlobular spaces
  • Collagen fibers remain rigid pulling inwards against outward pressure (dimple)
  • Loss of skin elasticity decreases resistance to internal outward pressure

It’s logical that a healthy lifestyle will help to improve or mitigate some of the above.  Losing weight and exercise being obviously beneficial.  However, we are here to look at more targeted solution that will treat the cellulite directly.

Developed by BTL Aesthetics, BTL Unison is a clinically proven, combined radio frequency and shockwave massage application. It is available now to cellulite sufferers across the UK.

Unison is a safe and effective alternative to invasive procedures that are currently available, such as liposuction.  Unison treatment modalities have been proven over many years for several different applications, such a skin tightening on the face and body contouring resulting in many clinical peer reviewed studies for these treatments.  Cellulite removal is entirely possible without the need for painful treatments or invasive surgery, as BTL Unison now combines both radio frequency and shockwave to directly treat the four anatomical causes of cellulite:


Cause – Fat Pockets in the dermal layers.

Solution – Unison radio frequency heats these fat cells to 40 to 43 degrees (this is not painful).  At these elevated temperatures, the fat cells are shown to reduce in volume.


Cause  Poor skin condition

Solution – Unison radio frequency and shock wave manipulation are both proven to increase the levels of collagen and elastin in the dermal layers. Collagen is often referred to as ‘the glue of the body’,  is the main component of connective tissue and is an important structural part of the dermal layers


Cause – Poor lymphatic Drainage

Solution – Unison radio frequency and shock wave manipulation effectively give a deep lymphatic drainage massage, increasing lymphatic flow and drainage.  It is already popular to administer a manual light massage by trained masseurs known as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).  This massage technique will aid the elimination of lymphatic fluids and needs to be administered at least twice a week.  However, this technique will only give a temporary improvement to only one of the causes to the appearance of cellulite.  BTL Unison completes this lymphatic massage during the application in unison, hence the name of this treatment!


Cause – Poor blood circulation

Solution – Unison radio frequency and shock wave manipulation effectively give a deep massage, increasing blood flow.  A healthy microcirculation in the affected area will encourage healthy growth of new collagen proteins.  The treated area will turn red, but this will return to normal, usually within the hour. NOTE: radio waves and laser beams are not the same thing! This is in not a cellulite laser treatment.


The Treatment

The BTL Unison treatment takes around 30 minutes. depending on how many areas are to be treated.  A special cream is applied to the area to be treated and then the application handpiece is massaged over the treatment area.  You will feel a comfortable, entirely tolerable heat and the shock waves will push against your skin at a rate of 10 times a second.

Four to six treatment sessions are required at weekly intervals, with a degree of flexibility regarding timings.  You may see an immediate improvement because static lymph and excess fluid in the area has been massaged away.  The full effect of the unison radio frequency and shockwave will take a full 12 weeks.  This is the body’s natural response time for increasing the production of collagen proteins as part of the its natural reparative process.

Finally, for those who like to get deeper into the science:

  • The emission of monopolar RF and shockwaves raises the thermal profile in the dermal layers, activating the function of metalloproteinases (MMPs) in the extracellular matrix. MMPs are responsible for the degradation of collagen protein structure. Thermal stimulation thus leads to disruption of the intramolecular hydrogen bonds and the partial shrinkage of collagen triple helix can be observed at lower temperatures. As a direct consequence, the collagen remodelling and the neocollagenesis are initiated.
  • Micro-inflammatory stimulation of fibroblasts caused by heat accumulation results in their proliferation. This causes a significant increase in production of procollagen mRNA.  The heating of collagen to the critical temperature of 42°C stimulates the production of HSP47 protein. This protein is involved in the formation of collagen at the endoplasmic reticulum and ensures proper conformation of the collagen tertiary structure. This is necessary for collagen’s correct function.


Key takeaway: BTL Unison causes no pain or discomfort, requires no anaesthesia, and has no downtime.