The Condition: What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the name for the dimpled, lumpy appearance of skin that mainly develops in the hips, thighs, legs or buttocks. Despite various cellulite removal, surgery and treatments being available, in the UK cellulite is not actually classed as a medical condition!

There are many factors that predispose us to have cellulite appear on our bodies, but more of that later.  In order to find an effective treatment for cellulite, we must understand what is happening anatomically to give the dimpled appearance we know as cellulite.


In females there is a very superficial layer of fat just under the skin. If and when the level and size of fat increases within this layer, it bulges out giving the infamous lumpy appearance that we all know (but do not love!).

To make matters worse, as we age, our skin thins and the resistance to the underlying fat bulging out is gradually reduced.

In addition to the increased fat and lowered resistance to it over time, the fibrous strands in the dermal layer (the skin’s next, thicker layer of elastic tissue) becomes more fibrous and twisted which pulls down, producing the dimples in the skin.

As these fatty compartments increase in pressure within, they decrease the ability of the lymphatic systems to drain away lymph fluid (a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells), so this static fluid adds to the swelling in the area. This also decreases healthy blood circulation in the affected area.