Around 80-90 percent of all women past puberty will develop cellulite at some point in their life, and this isn’t a new discovery (it’s first written appearance was in a French medical journal in 1873). Over the years there have been more and more UK ‘cellulite treatments’ arising for the issue. Some of them proving to work, some of them – not so much. Here’s a look at just a few cellulite myths;

Body Brushing (Dry Brushing)

There are many examples of online articles and women’s magazines telling you that you can brush your cares away! Dry brushing is when you use a bristled body brush (like the one you can buy for your back in the shower) and brush the affected areas without any water or cream. In the past this was believed to help with ‘manual lymphatic drainage’ – we have since discovered that cellulite is not an issue with lymphatic drainage. And even if it was, dry brushing would not help, it would just exfoliate the skin.

Spot Reduction

Losing weight has proven to help reduce the signs of cellulite, but many people try to lose weight or tone very specific areas where their cellulite is visible. This is called spot fat reduction; the concept of spot reduction follows the false idea that when you train a specific muscle (in the case of cellulite it would usually be the upper legs or the buttocks) it will result in fat loss in that area of the body. It doesn’t work because it usually targets muscles that are relatively small through exercises that are fairly insignificant in terms of enhancing overall fitness – the kind of exercise needed to lose weight. And even when working out hard enough to lose weight, you cant just pick and chose which parts of the body you want to lose it from.


Liposuction. While it does remove fat, it does not remove the type of fat that is the cause of cellulite. Cellulite is due to a fat that resides inside the layers of your skin, and liposuction is only effective at removing fat under your skin. Liposuction to treat cellulite in the UK, can cost you upwards of £2,000, an enormous cost for an elective procedure.

Coffee Scrubs

‘Caffeine tightens your skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite’ – a very common misconception when looking online for cellulite treatment. In reality, coffee beans need to be heated in order for them to express their caffeine, and even so, just rubbing them into your skin does not mean that you are absorbing anything. At the end of the scrub you’re not going to have changed much, except your legs will smell like coffee.


When looking for treatments for your cellulite in the UK you don’t need surgery, coffee scrubs or intense focused exercise. Speak to one of our experts here  about what BTL Unison can do for you, or find your nearest doctor at

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