The world-famous Rita Rakus clinic in Knightsbridge London has recently invested in the BTL Unison system to treat cellulite.  The Rita Rakus clinic is a world leader that remains at the very leading edge of technology to offer the most effective treatments in aesthetics.  Approximately 80% of women suffer from cellulite and until now surgical remedies have been the only real option with serious pain and downtime associated.  The BTL Unison treats all the 5 anatomical causes of cellulite in a pain free non-surgical procedure.  Rita Rakus commented “so many of our clients are seeking improvement of their cellulite but do not wish to go with a surgical solution we are absolutely delighted that the BTL Unison can treat our patients very effectively without any pain or surgery.  The results are fantastic, and patient start to see the improvements right after the first treatment session of 30 minutes.  4 to 6 sessions are needed to get the full results.

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